Venezia (Italy #1)

bella ciao

Can you watch Mtv on a double bed, in a middle of a jam, at Verona? I do not know, but I CAN. It happened last midnight before arriving at the airport where I left Italy this morning. I'm sad. It's been not another sightseein' trip to the country of the pizza and the museums of art, but a great family/erasmus life one. My sis' not back and I'm already at Madrid. I could not eat more pizza or even ice creams. Oh Dio! Mascarpone is my favourite. Mamma mia! Also the granita of apple last Thursday with my sis' friends, the great concerts at Piazza VIII August PER ENRICO where I sang (or screamed?) Bella Ciao and remembered what THIS song means for my great friend Elena, who is right now in Sydney freezing herself. Up here are some of the pics (click to enlarge them) we took at Venice. I love this city. My sister told me she was cool-hunted in Amsterdam last May, so we were trying to be not hunted again (or maybe yes?). Do u notice the cool atmosphere we show at the pictures? Wait, these are only the ones from Venezia.

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