rainforesty pizza saturday nite


Now I have in my hands this lovely kinki mag, after a Rucola Rainforest Pizza for dinner, The Lovely Bones downloaded, understanding a little bit more the german language and feeling myself so berliner (more even own Kennedy), I came home with Sara and her friends (they are visiting us this weeknd cause Sara has a performance -kind of- tomorrw afternoon here so she needs to rest after a 20h road snowy trip, and that's why they're here). I was room alone just thinking I feel a little dreaming or part of a dream. Or maybe only tonite, and I promise u I drank only coke. Even cold is shit, I love this city and I feel proud.

(click on the word and have a look)

I was also asking myself what the fuck is a grey bear doing in the middle of the jungle.

i'll never be the same

if we ever meet again

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Tío, haces unas fotos increíbles