Batman no está

¿Batman se fue?

Pau, ésto es la Malvarosa; no U eSe A
Pau, this is Malvarosa Beach; not /ju-es-eɪ/

una troglodita, una pintora y un "superhéroe"
a troglodyte, a painter and a superhero

en la divertida Edad de Piedra
in fantastic Stone Age


Dónde coño estaba Batman?
Where the fuck was Batman?

I relied on Burt Ward 60s'
Robin, a character I always wanted to imitate (but I had never been till last friday). Terry Richardson took the famous homo photo where both are kissing eachother, and the myth is that they have been together, maybe for a while, but at least once. Anyway, I wanted to find a Batman, but what do you think if I tell you that there was anyone? Incredible! Why were so many troglodytes, horny nurses, nerds and cowboys? I couldn't even find my good friend Superman. You can see some pictures below of the famous series of the sixties Batman & Robin (the green-red-yellow boy played by Burt Ward).

'very special thnks and greetings
to my beautiful and awesome grandma'

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Pit dijo...

qué polvazo tenía el Robin...
buen blog:)

Egoitz dijo...

Jaja, qué gracioso está Aiken de Robin :P

berryfizz dijo...

quien pudiera ser batman!

jajaj ;);)