Katie's getting married!

Cuando una amiga especial te cuenta que se va a casar, deseas, como yo, estar un poquito más ansioso de volver a USA y dar un enorme abrazo a la chica más guapa de Ohio, the heart of America. Katherine Hickey (sí, chupetón en americano coloquial) se va a convertir en Katie Morgan. I can't believe it.


Oh I am so happy that you wrote me! I wrote Ainhoa a few months ago and told her all about me since it has been so long since I talked to either of you. I thought maybe she would pass the information onto you because I thought you both were still very close. Since you were in Manchester, NH with me so much has changed! My boyfriend, Spencer, from Ohio (I dont know if you remember me talking about him) he moved to Manchester to be with me about six months ago! It is amazing how things have changed in only two years, Javi! And I have even BIGGER news! WE ARE GETTING MARRIED!!!! I love him so much and he makes my life complete. The picture attached is us in New York City!!!

We don't know when we will be wed yet, since we are still living in Manchester but we want to be wed in Ohio. We will move back there in a few months. Although, it is scary since the US economy is not good right now and few business are accepting new employees, and many people are losing their jobs. But, we still have plans to go back to Ohio, and we will attempt to find a new jobs. Spencer works at a bank right now so I think he will have no problem finding a job in O. We will see!

So my life has had many things change recently, and yours too! I am so happy you have been to California! You belong there, Javi! I have never been there, myself, but everyone speak with only has the best things to say about it. The people, the weather, the cities, the shopping! All lovely!!!! You have also been to Las Vegas! Javi, I am from the US and have never been "out west"! Someday, maybe! In the meantime, I am proud of you!
Where will you find a job? Madrid? Somewhere else in Spain? Or in another country?!?! You have so many options! Your english is fantastic so you will have no problem working anywhere! hehe!

Happy Thanksgiving! And I hope you are preparing for a very Feliz Navidad! Every year since Germany, I think about Christmas time there, the street lined in lights, the markt, the Glüwine! haha! Oh I have very happy memories of those times. I hope you do to! Make many more and I wish you a very happy new year!


Katie Hickey (my new name will be Katie Morgan!)
xoxoxoxoxoxo haha!

Congratulations, Mrs. Morgan,
but u'll be always my beautiful and awesome Katherine Hickey,
the only girl whose first boy was named Brian Kinney and I'll envy her for that forever and ever. See ya in Ohio, sweety!


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Kane dijo...

Tienes suerte de que la americana que conociste de Erasmus sea tan guay. El americano que había en Toulon votó a McCain. xD